2020 Endorsements


Progressive & Social Justice


2018 Endorsements

Elected Leaders

Andy Schor, Mayor of Lansing

Gretchen Whitmer, Former State Senator, Democratic Nominee for Governor

Curtis Hertel, Jr., State Senator

Joan Bauer, Former State Representative

Lynne Martinez, Former State Representative

Diontrae Hayes, Lansing Township Supervisor

Carol Wood, Lansing City Council, President

Jody Washington, Lansing City Council, Vice President

Peter Spadafore, Lansing City Council

Patricia Spitzely, Lansing City Council

Adam Hussain, Lansing City Council

Jeremy Garza, Lansing City Council

Brian T. Jackson, Lansing City Council

Jessica Yorko, Former Lansing City Council

Tim Kaltenbach, Former Lansing City Council

Victor Celentino, Ingham County Commission, Vice Chair

Todd Tennis, Ingham County Commission

Kara Hope, Ingham County Commission

Dennis Louney, Ingham County Commission

Bryan Crenshaw, Ingham County Commission

Ryan Sebolt, Ingham County Commission

Carol Koenig, Ingham County Commission, Chair

Deb Nolan, Ingham County Commission

Rebecca Bahar-Cook, Former Ingham County Commission

Brian McGrain, Former Ingham County Commission

Rachel Lewis, Lansing School Board, President 

Bryan Beverly, Lansing School Board

Guerillmo Lopez, Lansing School Board

Nino Rodriguez, Lansing School Board

Carol Seimon, Ingham County Prosceutor 

Derrick Quinney, Ingham County Register of Deeds

Scott Wrigglesworth, Ingham County Sheriff



Progressive & Social Justice

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