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On the issues - candidates for 68th state representative

Three candidates are running for 68th District state representative, a two-year term representing the city of Lansing. The State Journal asked candidates to respond to a questionnaire about key issues in the district. Candidates include Democrat Sarah Anthony, Republican Rosalinda Hernandez and Green Party candidate Robin Lea Laurain.

Q: What are the top two priorities you will pursue if elected and why?

SARAH ANTHONY, DEMOCRAT: Investing in education and increasing revenue sharing for local communities are my top two priorities. Expanding educational opportunities for students, particularly students from low-income communities, is my passion and I want to ensure every child has the resources they need to be prepared for college and career opportunities after high school. As a local elected official, I knowthat our cities and counties desperately need additional revenue sharing in order to provide the services our residents expect and deserve. Local communities have been asked to do more with less and the state’s unfunded mandates have hurt our abilities to make sound decisions for our residents.

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